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Authors, Ex-Police Officers and Husband and Wife team Michael & Sarah Feeley experienced the awakening of a life time in 2009 when they relived the murder of a Victorian teenager in 2009. Since that time they have experienced all kinds of weird and wonderful things from supernatural, paranormal and inter-dimensional. They dedicate time to helping people understand the true nature of reality and help to lift the web of deception spun around the entire population by an elite group who aren't all that they seem.
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THE FIRST ASTRONAUTS (Part 2) - Cydonian city

After the Anunnaki had created bases on Earth they needed a sort of midpoint in order to first ship the Gold from Earth, store it there and then ship it to their own planet Nibiru (12th Planet, Planet X).

This mid way point was to be Mars or as they called it Lahmu, and about 300 members of a splinter group of the Anunnaki (or as they were called: ‘Igigi’) colonized this planet and developed a city that they entitled the Cydonian city.

We know it, NASA knows it and I’m sure everyone reading this article knows it, there has been and probably still is life on Mars. We can still see the structures, conveniently blocked out of official NASA photographs or written off, ludicrously, as a creation of wind movement.

There are pyramids on Mars very similar to those in Egypt here on planet Earth, quite obviously put there by a technologically advanced race, just as the pyramids of Giza were. Note from the top picture that these structures also take the formation of a Pentagon, coincidence?

Everyone would have seen the famous ‘Face on Mars’ that has again been written off by official authorities as an optical illusion. Well we can say that it is no optical illusion. The face on Mars is most probably of a deposed king of Nibiru named Alalu. He was exiled to Mars for crimes against other rulers of own his planet, Mars was to be where he later died.

He was discovered deceased upon the surface of planet Mars, he was entombed there and his image was later carved into the rocks of his tomb. The image of his face was purposely engraved facing Earth to commemorate his visit to planet Earth to mine Gold as part of the first astronaut mission and to also face Nibiru to commemorate his kingship on that planet. It was made to be bold and prominent as a testimonial to him and his life by those who had served him and still held a fondness towards him.

(This is that engraved image and his tomb)

This is evidence of life as ‘we don’t know it’ beyond our own. As we have said many times in our newsletters and articles, we are not alone, we are part of a larger existence of many cosmic beings of both Light and Dark with varying agenda’s.

ET’s are with us and around us and have been since the beginning of time and always will be as our universe is all connected into ‘One’.

Keep those eyes to the skies.


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